Tears of the Sun Hot Sauce


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Tears of the Sun Hot Sauce
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Tears of the Sun Hot Sauce is a delicious blend of habanero peppers and tropical fruit. Your taste buds are first greeted by the sweetness, then the heat comes on like a hot summer day. Ingredients include apple cider vinegar, pineapple, peaches, papaya, mango, orange habanero peppers, water, brown sugar, lime juice, ginger, salt, garlic and crushed red pepper. If your food is crying for help, it's crying for some Tears of the Sun!

Brand: High River Sauces

Net Weight: 5 oz.

Heat Level: 6

Awards: 2nd Place 2016 Fiery Food Challenge in the Hot Sauce-Caribbean Style

Low Fat: Yes

Low Sodium: Yes

Low Carb: Yes

Low Calorie: Yes

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