Hellfire Blueberry Hell Hot Sauce


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Hellfire Blueberry Hell Hot Sauce
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This hot sauce features the ultimate super fruit, blueberries, with a special blend of super hot peppers to create a fantastic balance of sweet and heat. Ingredients for this multi award winning hot sauce includes blueberries, blackberries, red jalapeno peppers, Trinidad Scorpion peppers, grape juice, jolokia peppers, red serrano peppers, red 7 pod peppers, raspberries, sugar, pears, red wine vinegar, honey, pineapple, garlic, beets, papaya, orange habanero peppers, sea salt and lemon juice and is a great addition to all your favorite foods.

Brand: Hellfire

Net Weight: 5 oz.

Heat Level: 9

Awards: 2nd Place at the 2015 NYC Hot Sauce Expo in the Fruit Based-Hot

Low Fat: Yes

Low Carb: Yes

Low Calorie: Yes

Ideal For: All your favorite foods.

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