Addiction Heaven & Hell Spice Blend


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Addiction Heaven & Hell Spice Blend
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Addiction Sauces strives to bring you the best flavor and heat for your enjoyment. This premium spice blend primarily consists of the Aleppo pepper, which is then balanced with unique spices and finished with bhut jolokia for subtle heat and rich flavor. Add a shake or two for heaven, and a little more for (well you know). Shake on your pizza, soup, pasta or go brave & rub some on your meat, poultry or fish before grilling broiling or baking.

Brand: Addiction Sauces

Net Weight: 2 oz.

Heat Level: 6

Low Fat: Yes

Low Calorie: Yes

Ideal For: Pizza, soup, pasta, meat, poultry or fish.

Recipe: Click here for a great recipe!

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