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Trinidad Scorpion

Do you have what it takes to handle Trinidad Scorpion hot sauce? Made from the world’s hottest pepper, Trinidad Scorpion hot sauce is guaranteed to have you breathe fire or sob like a baby. We carry a large selection of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion hot sauce that is sure to satisfy heat seekers everywhere. The Trinidad Scorpion pepper holds the Guinness World Record for being the most pungent pepper in the world, measuring 1,463,700 Scoville heat units!

At we have Trinidad Scorpion hot sauce from some of the most popular hot sauce brands. Find Cajohn’s Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce, Dave’s Gourmet Scorpion Hot Sauce, Mad Dog 357 Scorpion Hot Sauce, and other fine Trinidad Scorpion pepper sauce at Trinidad Moruga Scorpion hot sauce is a must own for any fan of intense heat. Scorpions are so hot that pepper cultivators have to wear chemical masks and body suits just to cook with them. When it comes to hot, Trinidad Scorpion hot sauce is no joke. If you have what it takes to handle the heat, buy Trinidad Moruga Scorpion hot sauce at today.

Cajohn's Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce
Cajohn's Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce
$11.99    Sale $10.95       5 oz.       Heat Level: 10
So has the Trinidad Scorpion chili surpassed the Naga Jolokia, or Ghost Pepper, as the world's hottest? According to Guinness Book it has! Try CaJohns Trinidad Scorpion hot sauce and decide for yourself. This sauce is sure to light your tongue on fire. A burning blend of Trinidad Scorpion chilies, vinegar, onion, tomatoes, lemon juice, garlic, salt & spices. Beware the extreme heat! More »

Cajohn's Trinidad Scorpion Puree
Cajohn's Trinidad Scorpion Puree
$14.99    Sale $13.95       2 oz.       Heat Level: 10
Cajohn's presents the heat, the whole heat and nothing but the heat with this blend of pure Trinidad Scorpion Chilie puree & vinegar. Surpassing the heat of the Naga Jolokia, or Ghost Pepper, this sauce has set a new standard in extreme heat! Enjoy, but with caution! More »

Dave's Gourmet 2013 Scorpion Pepper Private Reserve
Dave's Gourmet 2013 Scorpion Pepper Private Reserve
$49.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 10++
We now offer the 2013 Dave's Gourmet Scorpion Pepper Private Reserve Limited Edition with the Guinness Book of World Records hottest pepper Trinidad Scorpion Every year Dave takes a week off from his medication and formulates a special private reserve hot sauce with three times the heat of Dave's Insanity Sauce. Displayed in an attractive wooden coffin, each hot sauce bottle is signed and numbered by the hot sauce artist himself. Ingredients include hot pepper extract, Red Savina Habanero peppers, chile peppers (Scorpion, Naga Jolokia and habanero), water, salt, passion fruit juice, lime juice, sugar, onion and garlic powder. More »

Dave's Gourmet Scorpion Hot Sauce
Dave's Gourmet Scorpion Hot Sauce
$11.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 10
From Dave's Gourmet comes this blistering hot sauce that will sizzle the tastebuds right off your tongue with the terrifying heat of the Guinness Book's world's hottest pepper, the Trinidad Scorpion. Use this product one drop at a time and keep away from eyes, children and pets. Not for people with heart or respiratory problems. More »

Heartbreaking Dawns Cauterizer Trinidad Scorpion Sauce
Heartbreaking Dawns Cauterizer Trinidad Scorpion Sauce
$9.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 10
Heartbreaking Dawns focues on flavor and a lot more fire! Maximizing fresh Trinidad Scorpion peppers, the hottest in the world, with an all natural combination of apricot, blueberry, carrots, vinegar, honey, onion, soy sauce, sea salt, garlic, ginger and white pepper, this hot sauce is a fiery and flavorful concoction. Enjoy! More »

Mad Dog 357 Scorpion Hot Sauce
Mad Dog 357 Scorpion Hot Sauce
$13.99    Sale $12.95       5 oz.       Heat Level: 10
A scorpion's sting is one of the most intense pains a person can experience. Prepared with the Guinness Book World Record Hottest Pepper, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, this sauce is blistering hot! Beneath the endorphin producing burn and the pain, is a unique sweet-hot flavor that delivers fresh intensity to your taste buds. Invite the Scorpion into your mouth-if you dare! Ingredients include vinegar, evaporated cane juice, Trinidad Scorpion peppers, Ghost Peppers, garlic, onion, Peri Peri Peppers and spices. More »

Matouk's Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce
Matouk's Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce
$11.99       10 oz.       Heat Level: 9
Matouk's Hot Sauces are on par with the finest the Caribbean has to offer. Imported from Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, this peppery sauce is a fiery mix of of vinegar, water, salt, West Indian herbs, soybean oil, aged pickled scotch bonnet peppers and Trinidad Scorpion peppers, the Guinness Book world record hottest pepper. Use Matouk's Hot Sauce on all your favorite foods if you really love the heat! Enjoy! More »

Melinda's Scorpion Pepper Sauce
Melinda's Scorpion Pepper Sauce
$8.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 10
It was just a matter of time before one of the biggest names in the hot sauce world would introduce a sauce with the hottest chili, the Trinidad Scorpion pepper. And with Melinda's you know you are getting a high quality all natural and gluten free hot sauce. Combining the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chile with fresh carrots, onions, lime juice, vinegar, garlic and salt, this concoction balances the heat and flavor, which is a tall order considering the savage heat of this unruly pepper. Enjoy with all foods but use with caution. More »

Moruga Madness Hot Sauce
Moruga Madness Hot Sauce
$9.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 10
This extreme sauce is a combination of vinegar, salt, garlic, chile caribe & the world's hottest pepper: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. More »

Sancto Scorpio Hot Sauce
Sancto Scorpio Hot Sauce
$9.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 10
A portion of the sales of this sauce helps to fund research and education at the Chile Pepper Institute. The heat in this sauce comes fron the Scorpion Pepper, a superhot chile from Trinidad. The institute is the only scientific research organization conducting replicated trials to accurately test superhot varieties of peppers. This hot sauce is a mixture of vinegar, Trinidad Scorpion Chilies, sugar, salt, garlic and lemon extract. More »
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