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Addiction Bhut Jolokia Sauce
Addiction Bhut Jolokia Sauce Award Winner
$7.95    Sale $6.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 10
Here's a wonderful all natural hot sauce with heat and flavor. The Bhut Joloka pepper (a.k.a the Ghost Pepper), is combined with vinegar, pineapple, banana, kosher salt, bell pepper, carrots, onions and tomato paste. Although fruit based this sauce enhances the food without overpowering it. And yes it's hot, but the sugar of the fruit tones the heat down a little so it doesn't just burn! Try this sauce on jambalya, gumbo, pizza, spaghetti or whatever your heart desires! This hot sauce is a 2013 Scovie Award 1st Place Winner in the Louisiana Style category. More »

Ass Blaster Chili
Ass Blaster Chili
$8.50       16 oz.       Heat Level: 5 to 9
Want to feed a group of hungry folks? Add some fun and laughter to the meal by serving Ass Blaster Chili. This package contains pinto beans, black beans, one packet containing chile powder, onion, garlic, oregano and cumin, one packet of masa flour and one packet of ground habanero pepper to add as much heat as you'll like. You provide 2 pounds hamburger, olive oil, 1 large onion, 4 cloves garlic, four 14 oz. cans of stewed tomatoes, one 12 oz. can tomato paste and 1 cup beef broth. Enjoy serving Ass Blaster Chili to your friends and family. More »

Ass Blaster Collector's Hot Sauce with Wooden Outhouse
Ass Blaster Collector's Hot Sauce with Wooden Outhouse
$14.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 9
So do you like your hot sauce ass blasting hot? Well this sauce is for you! But be warned and be prepared, Ass Blaster Hot Sauce is not for the weak kneed beginner but for the true hot sauce connoisseur. This firewater is a quality blend of habanero peppers, water, carrots, salt, garlic, spices and fiery Capsicum Extract. Presented in a cool wooden outhouse with a recipe for Ass Blaster Border Beans right on the bottle. Makes a great gift. More »

Ass Kickin' Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce
Ass Kickin' Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce
$9.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 9
Want to live your life "Kick Yo' Ass Hot"? Then try Ass Kickin' Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce. This maximum heat concoction features the current Guinness Book of World Records hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper. Combined with water, vinegar, carrots, salt, fresh garlic and spices, this sauce will bring sweat to your brow and a tear to your eye. Has a recipe for Ass Kickin' Reaper Goulash right on the bottle. More »

Ass Kickin' Moonshine Pepper Mash
Ass Kickin' Moonshine Pepper Mash
$9.99       9.5 oz.       Heat Level: 6
Yee Haw! Looking to have an Ass Kickin' day? Well here's an awesome elixir of jalapeno mash, water, sugar, tomato paste, garlic powder and spices that will have you kicking up your heels. Ass Kickin' Moonshine Pepper Mash has a great flavor with just the right amount of heat. So splash some on your favorite foods and have a Ass Kickin' day! More »

Bacon Hot Sauce
Bacon Hot Sauce
$6.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 6
A piece of bacon can make even a dog turd taste pretty good! This bacon flavored hot sauce is a mixture of water, distilled vinegar, cayenne pepper, New Mexico chili, salt, natural flavor, maltodextrin, autolyzed yeast extract and sugar. Bacon Hot Sauce goes great with eggs, pizza, potatoes, wings and everything. Enjoy! More »

Bayou Sauce Cayenne Hot Sauce
Bayou Sauce Cayenne Hot Sauce
$6.95       5 oz.       Heat Level: 6
With more flavor & less vinegar, Bayou Sauce Cayenne Hot Sauce is an excellent blend of cayenne peppers, garlic, lemons, tomatoes and aged vinegar to smooth out and mellow the heat. This combination of small batch processing along with fresh ingredients and pure cane sugar gives a unique flavor to a truly Louisiana Cajun Sauce. More »

Born To Hula Reaper of Sorrow Carolina Reaper Sauce
Born To Hula Reaper of Sorrow Carolina Reaper Sauce
$9.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 9
Be warned!. Like a raging cauldron of molten fury, this sriracha style sauce is a blend of red jalapeno peppers, red wine vinegar, tomato paste, lemon concentrate, garlic, onion powder and the demonic heat of the world's hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper. More »

Born To Hula Smokehaus Blues Hot Sauce
Born To Hula Smokehaus Blues Hot Sauce
$7.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 5
This hot sauce captures the essence of heritage, family and tradition with smokey and zesty flavors. Born To Hula's Smokehaus Blues Hot Sauce is an all natural potion of tomatoes, distilled vinegar, cayenne pepper, water, roasted garlic, chipotle chile, onion and lime juice and is truly a backyard grill master's dream come true. Excellent for steak, burgers, pork, lamb, Mexican food, eggs and more. More »

Busha Browne's Spicy Jerk Sauce
Busha Browne's Spicy Jerk Sauce
$6.50       5 oz.       Heat Level: 5
Jerked pork and chicken are unique to Jamaica. Traditionally jerked meat is coated with seasonings and cooked on a lattice of smoking pimento branches over hot charcoal. The mouth watering aroma from streetside barbecues entices many a hungry traveller. For that true Jamaican jerk flavor, spread this jerk sauce on pork, chicken, steak or fish and allow to marinate prior to grilling. Busha Browne's Spicy Jerk sauce is a wonderful blend of water, cane vinegar, raw cane sugar, scallions, tomato paste, hot peppers thyme, salt and spices. Delicious! More »
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