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Louisiana Hot Sauces

Gator Hammock Hot Sauce 3 Pack
Gator Hammock Hot Sauce 3 Pack Award Winner
$20.97    Sale $16.99       (3) 10 oz. bottles       Heat Level: 6
Gator Hammock Hot Sauce is our all time favorite and the "go to" sauce for every meal. This "handmade from scratch" hot sauce is a fine blend of aged cayenne pappers complimented by an assortment of crushed and ground peppers in a vinegar base. A 2nd Place Scovie Award Winner in Hot Sauce-Louisiana Style in 2005. This hot sauce is used on pretty much everything around here. More »

Iguana Red Cayenne Pepper Sauce
Iguana Red Cayenne Pepper Sauce
$5.95    Sale $4.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 6
This wonderful cayenne hot sauce was the result of an misadventure involving a curious howler monkey, a sackful of cayenne peppers, a hungry iguana named Iggy and the local "Guardia", the latter whom didn't see the humor in the whole situation! With cayenne peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, vinegar, molasses and tomato paste, this stuff is great for fish, meats, eggs, poultry, red beans and more. More »

Lethal Gator Hot Sauce
Lethal Gator Hot Sauce
$6.00       5 oz       Heat Level: 7
From the good folks at Gator Hammock comes this fantastic hot sauce! With a similar flavor to the original, Lethal Gator hot sauce maintains the same great taste, but with more heat! Ingredients include garlic, vinegar, spices and three peppers; cayenne, habanero and scotch bonnet. More »

Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauce
Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauce
$4.95       5 oz.       Heat Level: 5
Louisanan Gold Hot Sauce is a premium blend of red peppers, tabasco peppers, spirit vinegar and salt. It is a rich, yet smooth pepper sauce that is aged to perfection without the strong vinegary taste. This is a great table sauce to spice up all your foods. More »

Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Hot Sauce
Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Hot Sauce Award Winner
$5.99       5 oz       Heat Level: 6
Jalapeno and Jack is HOTT! In their quest for the perfect hot sauce with a distinctive flavor to fire up their vittles, the folks of Lynchburg realized a blend of red ripe jalapeno peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, spices and Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey was the answer.This sauce is great on sandwiches, meats, seafood, pizza, omelets, chili, soups and more. Original and genuine, made in the U.S.A. Placed 3rd at the 2006 National Fiery Food Show in the Hot Sauce-Louisiana Style category. More »

Mr. Blister Garlic Extreme Hot Sauce
Mr. Blister Garlic Extreme Hot Sauce
$6.95       5 oz       Heat Level: 6
If you like Louisiana hot sauce with cayenne peppers and lots of garlic, this is the sauce for you. Mr. Blister is a medium heat hot sauce that's all natural, has no preservatives and is certified cajun. Give me some of that "chomp chomp"! More »

Pain Is Good Batch #218 Louisiana Hot Sauce
Pain Is Good Batch #218 Louisiana Hot Sauce Award Winner
$7.50       6.75 oz       Heat Level: 7
This hot sauce resides deep in the Bayou on the edge of the swamp, where the gators sun and the crawfish boil. A cajun hot sauce born of cayenne and Tabasco peppers, blended with malt vinegar, water, tomato paste, worcestershire sauce, paprika, garlic powder, brown sugar, celery salt, lime juice concentrate, seasoning salt, natural smoke flavor and spices. (contains fish). Excellent sauce! More »

Panola Clearly Hot Sauce
Panola Clearly Hot Sauce
$5.00       5 oz.       Heat Level: 4
Made in Louisiana, this hot vinegar comes in a clear bottle with whole cayenne peppers and a clove of garlic. More »

Screaming Sphincter Cayenne Pepper Sauce
Screaming Sphincter Cayenne Pepper Sauce
$6.50       5 oz.       Heat Level: 5
Boldly described as "A Burning Painus Within The Anus". Made from red cayenne peppers. More »

Seafood Lover's Hot Sauce
Seafood Lover's Hot Sauce
$5.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 6
Here's a zesty blend of aged cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, red wine vinegar, onions, lime juice, garlic, cilantro and crushed red peppers with a wonderful flavor. This Louisiana style hot sauce is great for oysters, shrimp, clams, bloody marys or whatever you desire. More »
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