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Caribbean Hot Sauces

Chili Willy Hot Sauce Picante
Chili Willy Hot Sauce Picante
$5.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 6
Chili Willy is an all natural hot sauce made in Belize with West Indian Red Habanero peppers, one of the most intense and fiery varieties of chili peppers in the world. The peppers are tree ripened and hand picked at the peak of flavor and hotness, then combined with onions, garlic, fresh herbs, sea salt and spices to maximize your taste experience. Turn up the heat and flavor of all your foods. More »

Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce
Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce Award Winner
$5.99       6 oz       Heat Level: 6
From Professor Phardtpounder, this exlixir of "Capsaicin Extremus" will get things running smoothly. If you know what I mean! This Barbados style sauce combines the scotch bonnet pepper with mustard, onions, salt, vinegar and turmeric for tropical heat and flavor. More »

Dave's Crazy Caribbean Hot Sauce
Dave's Crazy Caribbean Hot Sauce
$6.50       5 oz.       Heat Level: 6
Another terrific all purpose elixir from Dave of Insanity Sauce fame. Made with carrots, Rican Red habaneros, lime juice, cane vinegar, red chilies, onion and garlic, this hot sauce is a zesty addition to soups, pasta, chicken or any dish that needs a bit of heat and flavor. More »

Dave's Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce
Dave's Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce
$6.50       5 oz.       Heat Level: 7
This spicy sauce doesn't have insane heat but sure has a great taste with a remarkable fresh pepper flavor that will wake up any food. Ingredients include water, scotch bonnet peppers, cane vinegar, peaches, onions and spices. Try it on chinese food. Delicious! More »

Fat Cat Caribbean Curry Sauce
Fat Cat Caribbean Curry Sauce
$5.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 7
This all natural and gluten free hot sauce pairs the Caribbean standard, the scotch bonnet pepper, with vinegar, onions, serrano peppers, Jamaican-style curry powder, yellow habanero peppers, cane sugar, garlic and sea salt to create a savory, complex and fiery condiment that adds the exotic flavors of the islands to any dish. Use on chicken, meats and seafood or mix into mashed potatoes or hummus. It's purr-fectly good! More »

Fat Cat Papaya Pequin Passion Hot Sauce
Fat Cat Papaya Pequin Passion Hot Sauce Award Winner
$5.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 4
Fat Cat Papaya Pequin Passion is inspired by the exotic flavors of the Caribbean. This 1st Place Winner for Hot Sauce-Fruit at the 2013 Hot Pepper Awards features a tantalizing blend of papaya, onion, pineapple juice apple cider vinegar, ginger, garlic, sea salt and allspice all brought together by pequin peppers, tiny fire starters that pack a serious punch. Sweet and spicy, this all natural sauce is perfect with lighter meats like turkey breast, ham, pork loin and a natural match for seafood. It's purr-fectly good! More »

Hellhound Ghost Pepper Sauce
Hellhound Ghost Pepper Sauce
$11.95       5.7 oz.       Heat Level: 9
From Satan's best friend Hellhound comes this fierce Caribbean mustard hot sauce that tastes like Heaven but burns like Hell. The devilish ingredients include red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, natural sugar, onions, yellow mustard, habanero peppers, Ghost peppers, garlic & spices. More »

Honey Do Tropic Hot Sauce
Honey Do Tropic Hot Sauce
$5.99       5.7 oz.       Heat Level: 5
Well, now we know what you think of that weekend chore list you get every Friday afternoon. But from our experience throwing darts at it won't make it disappear. Instead buy your "Honey" a bottle of Honey Do Tropic Hot Sauce. It's a wonderful blend of vinegar, mango, pineapple juice, raisins, oranges, red habanero peppers, sugar and salt. Sweet with a little heat, add this sauce to all her meals. Then kick back in your recliner, turn the game on and forget that "honey do" list! More »

Iguana Chipotle Pepper Hot Sauce
Iguana Chipotle Pepper Hot Sauce
$5.95    Sale $4.99       5 oz       Heat Level: 5
Our good friend Iggy the Iguana has done it again! Back from his latest trip to Costa Rica, Iggy brought us this excellent spicy pepper sauce with a great smoky flavor. Combining red jalapeno and red bell peppers with tomatoes, onions, garlic, oregano, cocoa, cinnamon, smoke flavoring and other ingredients. More »

Iguana En Fuego Ultra Hot Sauce
Iguana En Fuego Ultra Hot Sauce
$5.95    Sale $4.99       5 oz.       Heat Level: 9
With fire & flavor, this searing blend takes it up several notches with a bit of hot pepper extract that Iggy the Iguana snuck into the batch. Made with habanero peppers, water, cane vinegar, onion, pineapple, lime juice, pepper oleoresin, papaya, passion fruit, carrot, salt & garlic powder. This product of Costa Rica is all killer, no filler! Enjoy! More »
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