Bone Suckin' Sauce Combo



Bone Suckin' Sauce Combo
Product Details
Weíre Talkiní Serious! This is a great combo for any barbecue. From North Carolina, these Bone Suckiní Sauce products are delicious with flavor and just the right amount of heat! The hot sauce combines tomato paste, vinegar, honey, molasses, horseradish, garlic, habanero peppers & spices. Itís all natural and fat free and was the 1st Place Winner in the Hot Sauce - General division at the Chile Pepper 2003 Fiery Food Challenge. The Bone Suckiní Rib Rub is a blend of brown sugar, spices, chile pepper, onion & bell pepper, with no MSG. Sprinkle this rub on ribs, chicken, seafood, steaks, venison and more, then fire up the grill! The lip smackiní good Bone Suckiní BBQ Sauce is a mix of tomato paste, vinegar, honey, molasses, mustard, horseradish and lemon juice. A southern necessity for serious barbecue, ribs, chicken, chops, venison & more.

Brand: Bone Suckin'

Heat Level: 4 to 7

Low Fat: Yes

Low Calorie: Yes

No MSG: Yes

Gluten Free: Yes

Ideal For: Barbecue, ribs, chicken, chops, venison & more.